Amanda Crane

Anna has known Lola since she was a puppy and there is no-one I would trust her with more.  Lola is now 8 and still loves staying with Anna, her family and all of her doggy pals.  Anna has had Lola in every circumstance and has never failed to care for her in the best way I could hope for.  Anna now lives over 2 hours away from us but still has Lola for the long stays as I know that my dog wouldn’t be happier anywhere else.  In fact when I hand Lola over she sticks by Anna’s side and won’t say goodbye, just in case I try to take her home!  (Luckily she is just as pleased to see me when I pick her up).

I have seen Anna with many other dogs and can honestly say that she takes great care to know each one individually, giving each one the same attention and love that she shows to her own pets.

You will not find better care for your dog than with Anna.  I am so glad to have found her all those years ago.