The Doggy days out ethos

I am dedicated to my dogs, their welfare, safety, social interaction and fun! I’ve seen over the years that they gain a tremendous amount when teamed with the right dogs, not only with their happiness, but obedience and also confidence. I walk a number of dogs who were nervous when starting out, and now think nothing of leaping into a busy van, and racing around on a walk with their friends. My service isn’t just to walk your dog when you are unable, it is also to give them the maximum amount of enjoyment meeting up with lovely chums and benefiting from my experience, but also my packs.

All dogs, like people have their own character, likes and dislikes. It is a privilege to get to know each doggy and build a special bond with them.

I am also incredibly safety conscious. I won’t risk walking even well trained dogs near livestock, favouring woodlands and beaches, where we can have a great romp around without the concern of disturbing grazing animals, though if we are lucky we might get the odd squirrel chase!

I walk for at least an hour and a half, longer if we are at the beach. I want your doggy to be happy to be dropped off tired and content, as well as dried off and made comfortable.

Its all about the doggies